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There is a common saying that “Time and Tide waits for none”

Time is the most valuable and integral part of human life, we all are bound by time and our needs and behavior controlled by time itself. Whether if you have food, luxurious palace, precious ornaments or stone, high-class sports car or you can buy whatever you want, office tour any corner of the world but if you won't have time means- you have nothing. Time is more valuable than money, spent money can be earned 100 times in a different way but a tiny spent time in life never can be earned. Time never waits for anyone it's continuous have no stoppage, So we must be alert that we should never misuse our precious and priceless time without a prior purpose. The Global Time value money concept is the present worth of money in one minute in real time.

Global Time Value is an information-based site and representation of the global TVM, GlobalTimeValue is equivalent to everything happening in the world in terms of social, financial, human behavior, natural in per 1 minute, Now you can Invest your assets into time and you can able to convert your valuable time into the asset. This single minute value is pre-generated by the algorithm named "iLight" which is owned and maintained by the Global TVM.

In a nutshell, the Global TVM is a community-based company where a member can purchase minutes for savings (trading) or business purposes. Unlike any other trading and investment company and due to the changing the nature of the global economy, it’s safe to say that Global TVMs "iLight" yields time value in a consistent manner, So the minute values are increasing in future. Though any unlikely chance of a natural disaster on a global scale could decrease the value due to the effect on the global economy, yet there’s a bare minimum dissipation a minute holder could face.

Determine how many minutes you have in your wallet - enter the exact amount already in your wallet convert it into the minute. Our Algorithm "iLight" will show you how exactly fluctuate per minute value over the time and will help the investors how much gain or loss they made.

The following document will explain every expect of Global Time Value. At the end of this document, there’s a link named "Get Involved", you can ask or share any additional question or gone through by clicking that link.

Calculation per minute value

The algorithm "iLight" of Global TVM based on the things that are happening in every minute on the human being in day to day life, No of births every minute around the world, No of Death every minute took place, Total Population in the World, No of Countries, Total area of the World, Total assets in the World, Daily average expenditure per capita, Daily Per capita Income around the world.

Reserved TVM in the Community- 525949 minutes

TVM reserves denote the amount of Global TVM that can be technically recovered at a cost that is financially feasible at the present price of TVM. Hence reserves value will change with the Real Time value of Global TVM.


You can convert your minute's value into cryptocurrency and some leading Currency. Two nearby community member can enjoy private transaction from their saving minutes with Cryptocurrency (BTC).

There is no International Border barrier members can enjoy trading any part of the world. It will work as a fundraising option for the Community members. The profit (dividend) of the company will distribute among the community members Once each month than in every 15days, in every 7day's, in every one day, in every one hour and finally, they will enjoy in each minute.

✓ Low-cost Transaction fees.
✓ 24X7 hour trading option.

Developer API

Query String: history=year-month-date

Global Time Value provides APIs for you to integrate with REST applications. Using these JSON-based API, you can easily get the current price & history data of Global Time Value.

e.g. https://www.globaltimevalue.com/api/price
e.g. https://www.globaltimevalue.com/api/price?history=2018-11-25

Terms and Condition

We share the perfect rate of per minute value for information purpose only. The value may not perfect always due to natural calamity, any effect will be informed with prior notice.

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